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Giving Chase (The Chase Brothers, Book 1)

Giving Chase - Lauren Dane I hate to give negative reviews but this book frustrated me from start to finish. The writing didn’t flow and the dialogue was unnatural making the whole thing difficult to read.

Lauren Dane committed the ultimate romance novel faux pas, by giving our ugly duckling turned swan ‘Maggie’ not one but three romantic interests two of which were brothers. This just does not ‘a good lead woman’ make…….she was a hussy…….we don’t like loose women for our love struck heroines in the romance world.

The stalker, the moody sheriff and the sickly sweet Kyle………what a sad bunch!! And are there really women in the world so bitchy that they would be cruel to one daughter about her looks in public whilst telling her how successful the other is as a result of her ’good’ looks and not see how wrong it is? Don’t even get me get started on the finale because it’s all too inaccurate for reality.

All in all the story had potential, had the author changed a few things, ie the stalker and the sheriff should have been friends not ‘boyfriends’. Only one female has to be an out and out bitch with hangers on to back her up…….honestly not every female in town is so hard faced and bad ass that they can be that bitchy to some-ones face, yet here 99% of the women were that bad. A little common sense and perhaps some research on police procedure would have helped enormously to give a realistic and believable ending and prevented me from feeling so grrrrrr when I’d finished the book. Finally , when writing dialogue try speaking the conversation out loud and see if it sounds natural because when it doesn’t it ruins the whole book…….sorry