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Accidental Fate

Accidental Fate - M.A. Stacie *Fans self* wow there’s some heat in here!!! I do have a penchant for a tattooed bod’ and M.A never fails to deliver there!! Leo is every girls dream man, sexy, inked, firm body, messy hair, loves music and he has a heart! His vulnerability and struggle with his new found son only adds to his appeal.

The chemistry between the pair is hard to ignore and it’s not long before we see the full power of that attraction………..the sex is hot and steamy leaving little to the imagination.

My only gripe and what stops me giving this 5* is that it feels rushed, I know it was planned as a short story but it really could have been bulked out, expanded and easily turned into a full length novel. Half of me feels robbed of time with the happy couple and baby Joe. I wanted more, I needed more! I just feel it could have been…should have been more in depth…….but for a short story it was excellently written and if you want a hot quick read this is the one to pick.