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The Sky

The Sky: The World - Jessica McHugh

Toby Racine, his wife Sarah and their unborn child are killed in a plane crash and it’s left to Toby’s brother Jack to find out the cause of the accident. The story is set in a world very different to ours where women’s eggs are fertilized in a fertility pool built by the recluse Dr. Azaz rather than in the conventional way of being impregnated by a man. People ‘created’ the natural way are known as ‘Triaps’, lower class citizens who are looked down upon, inferior to the true children of Azaz.

The first two or three chapters are devoted to background information, explaining the way this world has developed and how it is run. I have only read one other book by Jessica McHugh (rabbits in the garden) and even though this is a totally different type of story the writing still flows in the way I enjoyed from JM’s other novel.

Jack is a hard person to understand, he acts like an ass, he drinks heavily and takes drugs but there is something about him that makes you believe that it’s all for show and underneath he is really a nice guy. Or maybe it’s just that ‘I’ want him to be one of the good ones!!

As the story unfolds we learn Toby’s life wasn’t as it first seemed, at the time of his death he was on a ‘special secret mission’ which opens up the question was their death an accident or was it murder? Jack is approached to complete the mission his brother had failed in, a task Jack takes on in the hope to find out the truth about Toby’s death.

I can’t help but feel sorry for ‘Kat’ she is clearly besotted with Jack but his treatment of her is sometimes cruel and the story didn’t play out exactly as I’d hoped for the pair. I enjoy reading a book with an epilogue, not only does it finish the story but it takes you that bit further …. In this case 20 years on, it’s nice to find out where the characters end up even if it’s not always where we want them to be.

There was action, intrigue and suspense in this well written and interesting novel!

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