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Torment: Bloodlines (Volume 2)

Torment - Lindsay Anne Kendal 4.5*

Kiera is back from Hell and has to explain to her earth bound friends where she’s been and what she has become. When demons try to take over the underworld, life on Earth is thrown into chaos. Kiera and her five friends, along with Eligos are the only people able to find out who the leader of the rebellion is and defeat him. Bigger and better battles take place in Torment, the second instalment of ‘Bloodlines the trilogy’.

Kiera has become stronger, she has a better understanding of her powers and how to use them and she found love in the form of Eligos, *drools*. Everything that happens in this book is ‘bigger’ the fighting is more vicious the romance is more romantic, it all feels older like everyone has grown-up some since the last book……..that could just be Kiera or it could be Eligos’ influence over the group. We are introduced to quite a few new characters, some better developed than others.

On the writing side Lindsay has definitely grown, some of the simple mistakes she made in her debut novel have not been repeated in this one though I have to say the cliff hanger at the end is ten times worse than ‘Bloodlines’ and I really really REALLY hate cliff hangers!!!! This whole series has a very unique plot with interesting characters and fans of the genre will not be disappointed with this YA demonic trilogy.