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Revelations (Bloodline Series)

Revelations - Lindsay Anne Kendal Revelations By Lindsay Anne Kendal

4.5 Stars

Keira finds herself in an awkward position where she has to do something that goes against everything her and her friends have always believed in. Realising that she not only understands Ballantine’s ideas but also agrees with what he is trying to do leaves her with no choice but to join with him. This causes upset and anger amongst her friends and Keira feels torn between them.

Lindsay’s writing has noticeably improved between book two (Torment) and this book and it made for a whole better read. The emotion, tension and inner feelings of the characters came across to the reader much better than it did in the previous dialogue driven instalments of this series, and the descriptions made the scenes easy to visualise. I understand that both books, one and two, have undergone extensive rewrites and am interested to see the difference in them now.

This was an exciting conclusion to the series and had an ending that I didn’t expect!

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