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Wedding at King's Convenience (Silhouette Desire, No. 1978 / Kings of California)

Wedding at King's Convenience - Maureen Child

Jefferson King, a high flying American, really wanted to hire the use of Maura’s land in Ireland for his latest production and was surprised when she said no to his people. He decided to head out and persuade her him self and after much negotiating the deal was sealed and the couple celebrated …. Together!! Jefferson went back home totally oblivious to the fact that their night of passion had resulted in a pregnancy, and true to form he had been avoiding Maura’s attempts to contact him. The first he knew all was not well was when he returned to Ireland and received a very ‘frosty’ welcome from the locals, who were very protective of their own and were unhappy with his treatment of the young woman.

I found I didn’t really like either of the main characters, I thought he was arrogant, he was so used to getting his own way and expecting everyone to fall in line that he would do anything to convince Maura to comply with his wishes and clearly didn’t think of the consequences……….which is surprising for a man in his position, you’d really think he would be more cautious just to prevent law suits wouldn’t you!!

Maura was plain greedy!!!………she had every intention of letting Jefferson use her land but she was holding out for more money………what happened to sweet little good hearted females?? She did say his first offer was good but she made him beg and follow her around and keep upping his offer until she thought he might go elsewhere so she finally accepted it.

The story was well written and the characters were well developed I just think the plot was very predictable and not very romantic!