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Leticia - Lindsay Anne Kendal 3.5*

Leticia is a lone werewolf, forced into isolation by her ex-boyfriends inability to come to terms with her lineage and his determination to rid the world of ‘her type’. She spends eight years in her wolf form, having very little contact with humans until the loneliness becomes unbearable leaving her with no choice but to face the world, and people again. It soon becomes clear to Leticia that not much has changed, someone is still hunting her, so refusing to spend the rest of her life on the run Leticia decides to stay and face her enemies. With the help of some new found supernatural friends and an inner strength she didn’t realised she had, they stand together and fight back.

The novel is set in an area of England close to where I personally live and visit often so it was surreal to read about it in a book, I was able to visualise the places easily as I know them so well. Clearly Lindsay has researched the area and has included a lot of historical facts that I was unaware of.

Jackson and his sister Nancy are shape-shifters they live together with Nancy’s vampire boyfriend Tristan and all have the same moral code ‘we look after our own’ (‘our own’ being any and all supernatural beings) When they happen across Leticia who is obviously having some problems they have to help and after her home is burned to the ground in one of the many attacks on her, she moves into their house with them. This doesn’t help, Leticia is followed and now all four of them have become targets. The plot has some unforeseen developments and unexpected turns of events that had me guessing at the outcome and held my interest.

Leticia is a dialogue driven story making it difficult to emotionally connect with each character, we only hear what they are saying and don’t get much information about how they are feeling. The writing style is very inconsistent, the first twenty chapters were very simply written and didn’t flow naturally for me however chapter twenty one was totally different. It was as if Lindsay had got into her groove and completely changed her style, it was emotional and detailed and the vocabulary was more varied than it had previously been, that particular chapter stands out for me above all the others. As an author I think Lindsay is growing, she is learning from past mistakes and using her experience to improve her writing skills. She has some very interesting and unique ideas and her ability to share them with her audience in a well executed way is improving with each novel.

This is the first book in a series and we are left with a breath taking cliff-hanger (I hate cliff-hangers) I’m unsure of how many books will be in the series or how long it is until the next books release. One thing did confuse me the book starts with an Epilogue instead of a Prologue, never seen that before!