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Total Blueprint for World Domination

Total Blueprint for World Domination - Jolene Stockman Total Blueprint for world domination is a non fiction self help manual for young adults. I have never read this type of book before but I wish I had. Although the book is aimed at teens I found myself (and I am way past my teen years) thinking ‘Hey yeah I could do that!’

It is clear that Jolene Stockman is a very upbeat person and this comes across in her writing, you get the impression that she really does want to help motivate all the young people out there into getting off their behinds and reaching for their dreams. The book is worded in such a way that teens will be able to understand it and it is not overly long so will hold their interest. Jolene doesn’t ‘nag’ like parents do she literally motivates and gives off such good vibes that you can’t help but be inspired as you read.

At the beginning I became a little worried Jolene was setting some readers up for a fall by convincing them that they are totally in charge of their own destiny and can be anything they want. After all, sad as it is, not every girl is perceived as ‘pretty’ enough to be a model and no matter how much you want to find the cure for cancer if you’re not good at science it is not going to happen for you. Thankfully if you read on she does actually state that your goals need to be realistic for YOU!

Included in the book are diagram’s and instructions on how to document information on each area of your life and keep track of your goals so they are easy to recall.

I have had to adopt a new system for rating this book because it is not the type of book I normally review but it’s quite easy to give it 5 stars because it has made me sit up and take stock of my life and realise that even at my age there is still time to find new dreams and goals for myself and I’m going to!