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Believing in Horses

Believing in Horses - Valerie Ormond Twelve year old Sadie doesn’t want to make the move to Maryland but with her Dads new Navy posting she has no choice. When they learn he is being deployed to Afghanistan a week after the move Sadie can’t understand why they couldn’t have stayed in San Diego with her friends and the horses she has come to love. To make it up to her Sadie’s parents agree to buy her a horse of her own. With the help of her Grandma they find the perfect horse ’Lucky’ and with the help of her brother she finds the perfect stables to keep him. One day while she is searching the Internet for horse auctions she is shocked to see how many horses are destined for a bad end. She decides to make public what happens to these horses and starts a campaign to try and save ten of them.

I was asked to share and review this book with my eleven year old daughter Cheyenne, she is an avid reader and a lover of all animals.

The first thing that struck me was the cover art, it is beautiful, the painting of the horses eye is striking, coupled with the silhouette of the horse and ( I assume Sadie) across the bottom of the page is a great combination.

CHEYENNE:- The story was interesting and sometimes exciting but I found all the horse information boring.

MY THOUGHTS:- Believing in horses is an inspirational read, giving encouragement to young people to believe in themselves and that anything is possible if you want it bad enough. There is a good balance between happy, sad, suspense and intrigue for the age range this novel is aimed at. While sharing the book with Cheyenne it was easy for me to see which parts held her interest and which parts didn’t and there were times when the factual information overload slowed the story down for her. For Cheyenne there was no enjoyment in reading the parts about how to measure a horse, the different breeds or even the things to consider when choosing a stable, these facts just stole time from the actual story.

The writing style is age appropriate and apart from the odd word like ‘Andalusian’ Cheyenne had no problems with the vocabulary or comprehension . I do think with the inclusion of so much ‘fact’ the author has narrowed her potential audience down to ‘horse lovers’ and not the more general animal loving young girl.

Copy supplied for review. Thank you