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The Big Man of Barlow

The Big Man of Barlow - Brad  Carter Hank Harmon is a sixty four year old gay man who lives in a small town called Barlow. He moved there some years ago with his partner Gus. Gus; a photographer who believed in big foot had heard that there was a ‘big foot’ known as the ‘big man of Barlow’ living in that area, wanting to be the first to capture it on film, the couple moved to town and Gus spent his days in search of it. We pick up the story as Gus is dying of cancer, a few days before his death his dreams come true and he snaps the much sought after shot. After Gus died a film crew moved to town to film a documentary on the beast. One of Hanks neighbours had seen the ‘big man’ at Gus and Hanks house and was eager to tell his story, but without Hanks version of events no-one really believed him. Hank saw things differently to anyone else, having been ostracised all his life by so many people because of his homosexuality he felt for the Sasquatch and didn’t want him to be found, caged and experimented on. With the help of his friend ‘Catfish’ they do all they can to keep the secret and the ‘big man’ hidden.

This is definitely a unique story, well it’s unlike anything I have ever read before!
It was really easy to read with a comfortable and natural flowing narrative. The story is told from Hanks POV and we get to know the character well. It is an odd story that didn’t really go anywhere and didn’t really end, leaving me with a bit of an ‘oh is that it?’ feeling. I found the chapters were very long which I didn’t like, I use chapter ends as a rest point so if they’re long chapters I feel like I’m dragging to get to the next one. Apart from the chapter length issue the book was really well written with fully developed characters. The plot was more of a very long diary excerpt rather than a book full of action or drama, a Sunday afternoon read I call them and overall it was a good book.