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Be Careful What You Wish For: The sequel to The Man of my Dreams

Be Careful What You Wish For - Gladys Quintal 3.5*

Cassie and Alexi have managed to bring a little normalcy to their sons life. Alexi is pretending to be a human with a sun allergy making it possible for him to permanently work the night shift at the local hospital, while Cassie is Mum to AJ. The rules have been broken since Cassie knows Alexi is a vampire but he has failed to kill or change her, this makes certain people not very happy and puts all of them in danger.

I had been a little reluctant to read and review this book because I had received some negative feed back over my review of the first in the series ‘Man of my Dreams’ and worried that if this title had the same editing issues I was going to be in for more stick! Luckily GQ had realised her work could be significantly improved with the help of an editor and has decided to go down that route, so hopefully my comments this time around will be considered less harsh!

This book started at the beginning and gave us all the background information we needed to understand where the vampires came from and why they could only appear in dreams. I was glad of this explanation because I had found it a little difficult to get my head around in the last book and can’t help but wonder if it would have been better to include this as a prologue in ‘Man of my dreams’ instead (or as well) just to help the reader.

I have to say when I compare the writing between both books in the series they are completely different. In B2 the spelling and punctuation mistakes are few and far between and the whole structure of the sentences makes the writing flow much better. As far a plot is concerned there are similarities to other Vampire stories I have read so I don’t find it all that unique. For example the V rules that state once a human knows the secret they must be turned or killed (a little ‘twilighty’) the fact that the good vampire only killed criminals (also like Edward had done in twilight before he turned ‘vegetarian’) I hate to harp on about one book reminding me of another but I can’t help myself, I am searching for a unique read and want something fresh to hold my interest, I haven’t found that here.

Be careful what you wish for is and enjoyable quick read, the cliff hanger ending shows there are more books to follow and I would like to finish up the series to it’s conclusion as I am beginning to know the characters well now.

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