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Robert de Niro: Portrait of a Legend. John Parker - John Parker Fed up of her job, her family and her life, Juliet decides to break free and move to New York. She manages to find a room in a shared apartment with two girls, Sharane and Mare. On, what turns out to be a ‘very expensive’ night out with the girls, Juliet meets Napoleon Fey, an event planner and ‘big man’ around town, who she can’t get out of her head. Somehow she manages to get his attention and onto his very exclusive list for regular party invites, opening up a whole new world for Juliet.

Swann down on his luck for too long now, finally gets a job and is able to move out of his dump of an apartment and regain some self respect. He meets Ava at a party and they start to hang out together at last Swann feels like his dry spell is over, not so, Ava is a bitch but it takes Swann a while to figure that out but eventually he sees her for the manipulator she is!

Guestlist is a tale of socialites, musicians and wannabe’s. Parties, drinking and sex. It is very well written with an authentic voice, and gives us a real feel of inclusion in this ‘ritzy’ world. This isn’t a book with lots action, it takes us on a steady journey, following a mixed bag of characters, all with their own agenda. Jay Fingers did a fantastic job drawing us in with his descriptive writing, realistic dialogue and sometimes very colourful words!!!

Copy supplied for review. Thank-you.