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Fear of Falling

Free Falling - Susan Kiernan-Lewis When Sarah and Matt Woodson take their son John on vacation to rural Ireland they believe the slower pace will be a good break from their usual fast living, career driven American lifestyle….but… Just days after arriving at their one roomed, run down holiday home, World disaster strikes and the family find themselves with no electricity, no running water and the only food they have is what they can find on the land. Without phone service or news papers the locals are left wondering what’s happened and before long this simple life turns out to be very dangerous.

I could totally see the possibility of this happening if the worlds infrastructure was compromised and the thought of it has really unnerved me. When communication is lost, travel is impossible and no-one has answers to what is happening I would imagine peoples survival instinct would take over and it would become ‘everyman for himself’. With no-one to enforce the law we would all become prey for the undesirables who would be willing to steal and kill to get what they wanted and it is a very scary prospect!

Although there were some things that Sarah allowed to happen that I wouldn’t dream of in these circumstances, on the whole this was quite a believable story. I wouldn’t for instance allow my inexperienced child to go out riding alone……with no real knowledge of the area and no phones what would happen if her son had been thrown from his horse? I also wouldn’t be happy for my husband to work away for days on end when someone had just attempted to kill me. Personally it would be a case of when one travels we all travel, sticking together would be a priority for me……safety in numbers and all that!

This was definitely a well thought out story with an original plot, it was well written and well edited and gave me lots to think about. Lets hope we never have to experience this life for ourselves!

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