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Immortal Embrace: Embrace Series

Immortal Embrace - Charlotte Blackwell 2.5*

After her brother accidentally kills his human girlfriend in the throws of passion fear causes Sophia to be wary of allowing herself to get intimate with anyone. When the family move to a new town and she finds her soul mate in the form of Nathanial, a human boy at her school Sophia tries to ignore her feelings. On the night of the school formal an evening stroll ends in tragedy forcing Sophia to face her insecurities and deal with the thing she fears most.

I really wanted to enjoy this more than I did but I found it very predictable. I was disappointed with the story and let down by the writing style. We were ‘told’ everything and ‘shown’ nothing if you know what I mean, so I felt like I was reading someone’s diary rather than a novel. Adjectives were few and far between and even though I don’t like books over written and filled with metaphors etc I realised after reading this that we need something!! A dialogue and thought driven story is clearly not for me as it lacks the ‘umph’ I need to hold my interest.

Maybe I read too many ‘vampire’ books or watch too many ‘witchy’ programmes but to me this story seemed like a combination of them all rolled into one book! The large family of vampires who don’t agree with killing so have a diet of animal food and donated human blood. The witch enchanted jewellery that allows them to walk around in daylight, the mind reading, predicting the future, the appearance of wolves long after they have become extinct and the vampire in love with a human!! None of the ideas are new or fresh…… I felt like I had already met these characters before, and their story was all too familiar.

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