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Coming Home

Coming Home - M.A. Stacie M.A Stacie has moved away from her usual couples romance and into a slightly more risqué area by adding a third person into the mix! Coming Home is her first ‘ménage’ and hopefully NOT her last. The sex scenes are Steamy with a capital ‘S’ add that to the fact that we have not only one but two cowboys……… well roll me over and tickle my belly!

I do have a little gripe with the plot. I can think of nothing worse than including a parent in a fantasy story like this. It made me cringe and feel uncomfortable when her Dad walked in on her naked with Caleb and then the following day caught her having full on sex out in the open with Pax. Having the discussion with her father about her sexual preferences and him just accepting it was too much for my brain. I’m 45 years old, married and have 5 children but as far as my Dad is concerned I have never seen a man naked let alone had sex and I certainly wouldn’t be discussing my sexual fetishes and preferences with him, it’s just too yuk, eww, awkward….WRONG!

Apart from that little no, no, I thought the rest of the story was spot on. The writing was up to M.A’s usual high standards with an easy flow, natural dialogue and great characters (well, I wish I could erase Jack, but that is just my opinion!!) It is a very quick read, a couple of hours at most but I do advise you read it when your man is at home, you may need him…. *wink*