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Loving the Rain

Loving the Rain (Clay and Tanner Thomas, #1) - Jeff LaFerney Loving the rain by Jeff LaFerney


Clay has lived his life keeping his power of mind control secret, not telling anyone, not even his wife about his ability. He generally refused to use his influence to benefit his life, preferring to earn his achievements the natural way, but the odd slip along the way has long term consequences that he is forced to deal with now. After spending years feeling isolated thinking he is the only one, he discovers his son Tanner has inherited the ‘gift’ too and finally he has someone to talk to about it, and a partner to help fix passed wrongs.

Loving the rain is a quick read, it started out slow and didn’t pull me in right away. I found the sport terminology a little confusing as it is an American game, one I have absolutely no understanding of but that is a personal issue and something I didn’t take into account when working out my final rating value. I was expecting more in terms of the paranormal side, a little more action or drama around it, but this wasn’t the case. The book concentrated on the effects of the power more than them using the power.

As the pace picked up Jeff did a good job of building the tension but I still felt it lacked ‘umph’ in some of the scenes and the characters reactions didn’t feel real in certain situations. It will be interesting to see where this story is going to go next and I will read book 2 in the series ‘The Skeleton Key’.