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Bulletproof: The Clay and Tanner Thomas Series: 3

Bulletproof - Jeff LaFerney 4 Stars

Bulletproof is the third instalment in the Clay and Tanner Thomas mystery/suspense series. Clay and Tanner find themselves in more trouble when Clays father is seriously injured in an armed robbery and Clay is accused of the crime. Coming together the pair try to solve two separate mysteries and are turning into quite competent detectives without always using their powers to get the answers.

As in the two previous books the ‘special powers’ are still kept to a minimum, making me think this series fits more into the mystery genre than any genre with a paranormal tag. The story is steady paced and filled with emotion as Clay has to deal with the loss of someone else close to him. He still suffers with feelings of guilt over his powers; guilt that he used the power on his wife making him feel he is responsible for her death, and guilt that he kept his secret from his father when he now realises there was no need.

After reading all three books in this series I feel like I know Clay and Tanner quite well, both these and the secondary characters are fully developed with stand out personality traits. Their relationship with each other has grown so much closer since that first book and it has been enjoyable to watch. The interaction between the pair is natural and the dialogue flows easily. The rhythm of Jeff LaFerneys writing is comfortable to read and his often humorous comments make it pleasurable too.

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