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The Kingdom

The Kingdom - Jennifer M. Barry
Rioghan has been existing on earth for thousands of years, using his ‘God like’ looks to seduce a different woman every night, and leaving a trail of broken hearts along the way. He refuses to be what his father wants so does not live the life of the Prince he was ‘born’ to be. When he meets Lily; the daughter of a world class opera singer everything changes. Her prickly attitude and lack of interest in him, intrigues him making Rioghan pursue her all the more. Before long the pair fall hopelessly in love and Rioghan chooses Lily above all else.

What I liked about this story was the love conquers all side to it. I liked watching Rioghan slowly realise that he was actually falling for Lily and wanted to be with her no matter what. He matured before our eyes and started to accept that he needed to become more responsible. On the flip side Lily’s reactions to the whole magical side of Rioghan were a little too easily accepted for me. She suddenly finds out her new boyfriend is thousands of years old, can teleport and is the son of the king of the faeries but she doesn’t run screaming for the hills she just says ‘okay’ and deals with it!

There was a lot of mythology and explanations about Lucifer’s fall from grace, how Gods anger prompted him to close the gates to heaven trapping a number of angels on earth who became faeries which was quite an interesting concept…And after giving birth to five children I can honestly say I’m pretty angry with Eve if JMB’s version of the reason for childbirth pain is to be believed!

All in all this was a great book, it mostly runs at sedate pace but it is a quick read and I enjoyed it.

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