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Yesterday's Daughter

Yesterday's Daughter - Sallie Lundy-Frommer
Yesterdays Daughter is a vampire story with a difference. We don’t have the all knowing confident mind reading male with sparkles or ‘shit kickers’, instead we have the unsure timid female who isolates herself and doesn’t know what she is. This all changes on the day she meets her soul mate Malachi. He has been looking for her for years even though everyone believed she was dead and thought he should give up his search. Malachi now has to teach Grace all about her destiny and about the dangers of the world she is a part of.

This was a very slow off the mark book, it dragged for possibly half the story before anything happened to quicken the pace and it jumped around a bit from one perspective to another which took some getting used to. The characters are well developed though and we are given lots of info and insight to their thoughts and feelings, especially Grace who was easy to connect with because her traumatic childhood makes you want to hug her! The plot itself is well thought out, with surprising twists and unforeseen outcomes.

Sallie Lundy-Frommer definitely has the potential to become a great story teller. This is her debut novel and it is a good book although I found the writing to be inconsistent. Some areas felt over written where other scenes felt one dimensional. I think getting the balance right is something that writers learn with experience and I would enjoy to see more work by this author.

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