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In My Mind's Eye: Are you F'ing Serious?

Beef Production - T.L. Dodsworth

In My Mind’s Eye is a compilation of anecdotes written from the memory of Justin about his life as a child. The collection is not set in chronological order jumping from incidents as a teen, to a tot, to a ten year old but somehow still manages to give the reader a complete picture of Justin’s less that easy childhood.

Although written with humour some of the situations described were quite harrowing, for example the scene with the rock and the finger. I found this particularly disturbing and wonder if Justin’s older brother was ever given a psych evaluation! There is no doubt that this was a dysfunctional family, the boys parents seemed to be so unhappy with each other that parenting took a back seat while they concentrated on fighting with each other!

The saving grace for this young boy, now man, appeared to be his uncle. If somewhat unconventional, his teachings did seem to scare the shit out of the boy enough to keep him on the straight and narrow (I wonder where he was when ‘the brother’ was letting his mates urinate over Justin’s head….. just saying!)

Justin does tell us at one point that he is now a teacher which is a shock considering the things he got up to, but I would really like to know how his sadistic older brother turned out, maybe we will find out in the next instalment of Justin’s life!

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