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No Ordinary Excuse

No Ordinary Excuse - Michelle Adams
Gemma Martin was a little forgetful, especially when it came to doing homework, but after a bad school report and a stern talking to Gemma promises her parents she will do better this term. On the first day back she suddenly remembers that the project she was supposed to do over the holidays was due in this morning and she hasn’t done it…not good! Trying to think of an excuse she hasn’t used before, Gemma finally comes up with a brilliant idea that probably takes more organising than doing her homework would have! No Ordinary excuse is suitable for children aged ten years and over.

Michelle Adams has a way with words that will appeal to young and old alike. Watching Gemma’s web of lies tangle and deepen was funny to say the least and let this be a lesson to all the kids out there who think making excuses will work…because it wont, grown ups have seen it all before…well maybe not ‘all’, this excuse is rather unique! Gemma’s plan doesn’t go quite according to plan and she finds it escalating out of control until the whole school is involved and eventually she has to suffer the humiliation of coming clean to everyone.

An interesting, feel good, fun book with an underlying message about not telling lies. It is well written with no obvious editing issues and I know my eleven year old daughter would enjoy this read…but hopefully not give her any ideas!

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