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Foley Russel and That Poor Girl

A Necklace of Bees - Dannye Romine Powell 4.5 Stars

There is nothing worse than a school trip to the library and a book report for homework…well that’s what Foley thought, personally, it’s my dream day out! Miss D; Foley’s class teacher had an unusual plan to make this project fun for her group, and it worked…Maybe some real teachers should read this book and borrow the idea for their class too.

Foley Russel and That Poor Girl is a lovely, well written story for any age. It covers a subject that some people find difficult to deal with…long term, severe illness, and it allows us to see that behind every disease/disability there is a real person. Lily Ashford has cystic fibrosis and is wheelchair bound relying on oxygen, like a lot of people, Foley sees the chair and her poor health before he sees the girl. It was nice to watch how, after their first awkward encounter their relationship develops and grows into a friendship where soon Foley doesn’t see the chair at all.

Rebecca Bloomer has a wonderful way with words, she has written an engaging and endearing story that I have enjoyed. My only gripe was that the ending felt a little abrupt. I would have liked for it to take us a little further than it did, but can understand why she decided to finish it here. I highly recommend this quick read to everyone.

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