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A Cowboy For Christmas

A Cowboy for Christmas - Kristen James, Tandi Bregman

After Missy’s brother dies suddenly she finds herself inheriting his half of the ranch he’d shared with his business partner, Brent. Missy is hoping that Brent will buy her out so she can start a new life somewhere else, unfortunately she soon realises that isn’t going to happen. With nothing left to keep her in the city she makes the decision to move into her brothers home and take over his duties, even with Brent’s scepticism of her ability to do so. It doesn’t take long for the chemistry to begin to flow between the pair, but while both have secrets they want to keep from the other could a relationship really be on the cards?

A cowboy for Christmas is your typical romance novel. The plot was a little unrealistic in parts as was the romance but as the reader of ‘too many to count’ romance novels I would place this in the average pile as far as the story is concerned. Nothing about it blew me away but it was an ‘okay’ read that filled a couple of evenings entertainment.

I found the narrative on the whole to be comfortable although some of the dialogue was a little unnatural and forced. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick and easy love story without too many surprises, or anyone who is a fan of the romance genre.

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