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Project ELE (Volume 1)

Project ELE - Rebecca Gober, Courtney Nuckels

I have read a number of post apocalyptic books, and I always find them quite disturbing when I think about the fact that it could actually happen; though hopefully not in my life time! The major incident that brought about the need for project ELE, was not a war or an unknown super plague, but a manmade virus that was the result of a ‘cure all’ that scientists had produced. It really isn’t so far fetched either with human beings intolerance of illnesses these days, even the common cold is seen as a major inconvenience and something we feel the need to treat!

Our MC, Willow is a teenage girl, she and her father are some of the lucky ones who were offered a place in one of the few shelters set up to save humanity from the deadly outbreak. They have to adjust to a new way of life in the underground facility that is to be their home for the next three years. Things settle down quickly and soon Willow makes friends with a few kids her own age. Like normal teenagers the group like to explore but when they suddenly start to display unusual abilities, like becoming invisible and mind reading they realise that something more is going on in this place.

Project ELE is a steady paced book, some areas dragged but on the whole it was an interesting novel. I found the writing to be fluent and comfortable. The characters were fully developed and the dialogue was natural, it was an easy read. I was frustrated by the ending because it left us at a point where we met up with a character we had separated from early in the story whose fate I had been curious about, but the book ended before any answers were given, I hate cliff-hangers! I’m now going to have to wait for book two, I hope I don’t have too long.

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