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A Method to Madness: The Case Files of Sam Flanagan: 1

Espectros En Caricaturas de Mi Alma - Carmen A Vega-Schimmenti

Sam Flanagan is a Private Detective and he lives with his grandmother in Detroit. Tempted by an envelope filled with cash he takes on a case he assumes is going to be as simple as a cheating husband, but soon realises it is much, much more.

This was an odd one for me. The book is set in 1943 and in the beginning I could easily visualise the scene, but as the story moved along I found myself forgetting the era was the 1940’s and I started to picture modern times, I don’t know why, perhaps the descriptions dropped off a bit or maybe I just didn’t pay attention! The plot isn’t complicated, you don’t have to think too hard to follow and to be honest there weren’t any moments for me where I thought ‘oh yeah, that’s why such a thing happened earlier’. That said, it does have an interesting enough storyline and is an easy, entertaining read.

Judith White is a competent writer and there were no noticeable typo’s or editing issues in this book. I think maybe a few more red herrings and more twists and turns would make this more appealing to avid crime readers but for someone who wants an easy crime read this would be ideal.

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