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S.P.I.R.I.T: Fire Storm

Fire Storm - Dawn Gray

When Sam wakes up one day not knowing where she is, she feels confused and worried, and once Zander and his team arrive to ‘help’, things only become more mystifying. Zander is part of a paranormal ‘special forces’ group and it soon becomes clear that there are things happening that are way out of the control of any ordinary human being.

I found this story kind of disjointed, the information at the beginning was a little sketchy and didn’t indicate that Sam had any special powers. It was quite far into the story before we were given this knowledge. At first we were led to believe that she had no idea what was going on, that everything happening had only just begun… but as the facts seep in we discover that she was aware of the ‘ghosts’ and had been experiencing/interacting with them since childhood. When we found out that there were two identical places with the same people, living the same parallel lives, the how’s and why’s were never really explained so by the end of the story I was left with more questions than answers.

I didn’t quite understand why there were ‘doppelgangers’ of sorts and where exactly this other town was situated. Was it an alternate universe? If so how did Sam and Zander pass from one to the other? At the end was Sam living back in her town or in the copy town? It was just a little messed up for me.

The idea for the story is original and quite interesting, but the specifics are not comprehensive enough to give the reader full understanding, and a clear sense of the history behind everything. I think sometimes writers know their stories and characters so well that they forget that we; as the readers, only know what we are told about them!

I am not completely down on this book it has some up sides, the writing is comfortable and there are scenes in the book that are very visual. I like the uniqueness of the plot and the depth of some of the characters. In the copy I read I found no obvious editing issues and the vocabulary was varied enough to not be boring. Would I read more work by this author? Definitely! Would I read more in this series? Without doubt.

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