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PINS - Jessica McHugh PINS by Jessica McHugh

Strictly over 18’s only

4.5 Stars

Eva Finch aka Birdie, just needed a job, any job. Disappointed with endless interviews and dead end leads she finally decides to try her luck at PINS. ‘PINS’ is a bowling alley with a strip club attached and Birdie quite fancies being a dancer. Getting the job but losing her boyfriend as a result didn’t bother her, and things were going great until Diamond; one of the other girls, turned up dead in a bowling lane with a mangled face and slit throat.

Birdie is a fast learner. Having grown up feeling a little like the ugly duckling walking in her ‘beauty queen’ mothers shadow, she easily picks up the art of seduction when presented with a stage, a pole and a gaggle of men with a pocket full of five dollar bills. Though I’m sure her confidence is boosted by the weed, the lines of cocaine and the occasional flirt with ‘catnip’!

When Jessica McHugh asked me to review her new book ‘PINS’ she told me it was a graphic horror, after reading it I think I would most likely call it a psychological thriller rather than horror…although some of the scenes are quite horrific. This is not a novel for the feint of heart. If you have any problems with graphic sexual content or extreme violence this is not the book for you. There is a continuous stream of bad language, flippant drug usage and nudity throughout the story that can’t be skipped over to focus on the murders.

‘PINS’ is a great novel, well written, well paced and absorbing. The writing is very visual and descriptive leaving no confusion to what is happening…. I could almost smell the blood at times! I loved Birdie’s voice, her sarcasm and humour made her character real and I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a gritty read.

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