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An Inner Darkness

fat-free Italian - Anne Sheasby An Inner Darkness by Eric R Johnston

4 Stars

After a strange, dream like feeling, of maybe having forgotten something, followed by the appearance of conjoined twins, Decon Mangler and Teret, the parochial vicar, join together to care for the unusual babies…. But rumours of an unhealthy relationship forming between the pair has the sheriff calling on Rita Morgan, the local gossip, to spy on the couple looking for evidence.

‘An Inner Darkness’ is a complicated fantasy story focusing on good verse evil and the future of society, with a touch of religion and demons. The complex plotline demands reader attention, and fans of the genre will be drawn into the story immediately. Intricate sub stories and a variety of characters pull together creating an action filled and exciting tale with unforeseen twists and turns to keep the reader in suspense to the end.

Throughout the book a great deal of detail is provided, but in doing so you feel disconnected emotionally and therefore cannot relate to the characters as much as they deserve. The dialogue is comfortable and often witty bringing a lightness to the sometimes dark content. I found no obvious typo’s or editing issues..

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