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Desolace: 1

Desolace (Desolace, #1) - Lucian Barnes Desolace by Lucian Barnes

2 Stars

In the main this story is about a serial killer who prays on young girls, torturing them before finally killing them, and aside from the sometimes disturbing torture scenes it is quite an interesting plot. There is a paranormal twist, two girls, an ouija board, and the ghost of one of the killers victims soon equates to portals into another dimension, and a very different direction for the story than expected.

One of the many things to annoy me when I read is ‘list like’ writing. It is unnecessary and irritating…..He pulls the key out….He goes inside…..He crosses the room…He unlocks this door…and then he walks across that room…etc. and that is exactly what I got during ‘Desolace’, if I could delete the words ‘and then’ from the minds of all writers I really would!

I’m not quite sure why the author decided to introduce another dimension, ghosts and portals into his story because for me it totally ruined what started out as a really good plot. It was very disjointed and the two ideas didn’t blend together well enough. I think with a lot of reworking, and a content editor this could be brought up to a 4 star piece of work, to get 5 stars from me it would need to lose the paranormal side and concentrate more on the thriller aspect of the story.

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