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UnEarthed - Rebecca Bloomer UnEarthed by Rebecca Bloomer

3 Stars

Colonised a number of years ago, Mars is the first planet to have humans born there who have never been to earth. Fed up with answering to, and relying on earth, some of the natives have started a revolution, they want independence and will do anything to get it. When Jodi Scarfield and her mum join their father in the colony, Jodi meets some interesting kids her own age but finds herself right in the middle of the political fight.

UnEarthed is a fairly quick read which is one of the reasons I only gave it 3 stars. I enjoyed watching Jodi as she tried to adapt to her new world and could easily visualise the colony from the detailed descriptions. We were given plenty of background on Jodi and her abilities with computers and technology, and the story was moving along at a comfortable pace….right up to the last few chapters when suddenly everything happened! The frustrating thing for me is that when the action kicked in we didn’t have the attention to detail that we’d had throughout the rest of the book. It happened too quickly and was rushed, then we were straight into the aftermath without full explanation of what had happened to Jodi. The whole end scene could have been so much more visual and exciting had the author put as much thought into it as she had into setting the scene earlier in the book.

Overall this was a good read it’s a shame it was let down by the rushed ending,

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