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Blood of the Son: (Book #1 in the Skye Morrison Vampire Series)

Blood of the Son - J.L. McCoy Blood of the son by J L McCoy

3 Stars

Skye is desperate to find a better paid job so she can pay off her student loan debt, so when the perfect opportunity comes along, for her to work for Archer Rhys in his ‘soon to be finished’, club, she jumps at the chance. Trouble is, Skye thinks Archer is pretty hot, and he just happens to be the brother of Jameson who she also finds attractive. Everything becomes even more complicated when she discovers both men are vampires and Archer is privy to every thought she has.

Okay, I hate to make comparisons to other vampire stories, but … mind reading? Aarrgghh it is getting so old. I know a fresh take on an old theme is getting harder and harder to do, especially with sooooo many vampire series’ out there, but to give the vampire an ability that another very popular vampire has, is really not a great idea when the other said book is still so fresh in peoples minds. It just opens this book up to complaints about similarities.

Blood of the son is not a total disaster, it is a little slow and not a lot happens through most of the book, but I get the impression it is just setting the scene for future books….in a very long winded way! I think maybe 20 or 30,000 words less would have been sufficient to do this and we wouldn’t have been any less knowledgeable at the end of it. I’m not a big fan of cliff-hangers but can say that I wasn’t sufficiently attached to this story to be too bothered by this one…or maybe it’s because I do have book two sat waiting for me to read so all I have to do is turn the page to find out what happens next!

I am hoping that book 2 in the series is a little more exciting and carries on the story that eventually started at the end of this book.

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