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Adrift: The Last Selkie (Volume 1)

Adrift - Elizabeth A. Reeves Adrift by Elizabeth A Reeves

4 Stars

After her fathers sudden death, Megan is forced to sell all her belongings and move away. She has no idea where to go, but is, for some reason, drawn to the sea. After travelling for days, only eating when she becomes shaky and sleeping when she can no longer keep her eyes open, she finds herself in a small town called Trinity. A dip in the ocean leads Meg to Devin and his mother, and soon we find out what the pull of the water really means for her.

Adrift is a pleasant enough read, it is easy to follow and quite entertaining. Megan is half Selkie, and Devin is the gate keeper whose job it is to keep the humans and Fae apart, so the story is heavy on magic and other worlds, with legends and all things mystical. The book did come to an abrupt end, I wasn’t quite expecting it to finish there and I didn’t think she would chose that particular path, but as this is the start of a series there really was no other way this instalment could have ended!

Yeah, all in all this was a quick read and for anyone, of any age, looking for a few hours escape into a magical world I would recommend this book.

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