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Retribution: Blood and Honor (Volume 2)

Retribution - Dana Delamar

Retribution is book 2 in the Blood and Honor series and is an excellent read. This book concentrates on Nick, Enrico Luchessi’s illegitimate son. Working for Interpol, Nick goes in search of his father with the intention of bringing him to justice. Nick blames Enrico for his mothers death and is intent on revenge. As he gets more involved with the Andretti family, his fathers adversaries, Nick realises not everything is black and white, there are some grey areas and maybe his father isn’t the man he thought he was.

I really enjoyed Revenge (book 1 in the series) but thought maybe it was a bit of a fluke that Dana was able to write such an in-depth plot…..not so, she has done it again with this book. Not one sentence was wasted filling word count, every word was relevant to the story, keeping it moving and exciting from page one right to the end. Once again the plot was thick. There are a lot of characters in play and to be honest sometimes I did get a little mixed up with who was on which side of the fence but that is my issue, I’m not great at retaining too much info at once!!

This is a gritty read, I don’t know how realistic or true to life Dana’s description of ‘mob’ life is, but to me it was believable. Every character had unique personalities, most were flawed, and this only added to their realism. I have just found myself a new series to follow and can’t wait for book 3. I would highly recommend this series.

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