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Unloched - Candice Lemon-Scott Unloched by Candice Lemon-Scott

4 Stars

Ever since Trina believed Lauren had been with her boyfriend behind her back the twins had not spoken. Now their mother is dying and her last wish is that the girls get together, fix up their old holiday house-boat and sell it. Along with Trina’s husband Graham, they do the necessary work while also trying to mend their broken relationship.

Unloched is an emotional journey and I found this book to be very touching. Candice gave us insights into the feelings of Trina, Lauren and their mother and it was easy to sympathise with them all for their part in the argument that tore them apart. This book definitely reiterates the importance of talking and gathering all the facts before you act in haste. It was a simple misunderstanding when they were teens that totally destroyed the close bond that most twins share, and it was easy to see where the story was going, there were no real big surprises or shocking twists in the plot.

I soon became engrossed in the story, which was easy to do with Candice Lemon-Scott’s writing, it was comfortable, descriptive and well edited. This isn’t an action book filled with excitement and incidents, it is a drama and ambles along at a steady pace adequate for the tale. I would have liked a little more information on Hal and what became of him, some kind of comeuppance for his part in it all would have been good, but it’s absence didn’t take away my enjoyment of this great thought provoking story.

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