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Haven: Desolace Series II: 2

Haven (Desolace, #2) - Lucian Barnes

Following on from Desolace, Haven continues the story of Katie’s hunt for her missing friend Julie.

This book is definitely an easier read than Desolace. The story is not disjointed and has less waffle than it’s predecessor. The problem I had with book one was that it started off as a really good thriller but then in a surprise twist the paranormal aspect was introduced. I have nothing against paranormal, but for me the way it was woven in didn’t work well and kind of spoiled the story for me.

The difference here is that from the out set it is clear that the storyline centers around a different dimension with ghosts and supernatural beings, so we know from the start what we are getting. Lucian’s writing skills have also improved, he has reduced the amount of overwritten scenes of mundane actions that slow the pace to a crawl, and has increased the amount of show not tell that aid tension building and feeling.

I can see how much growth this writer has shown between book one and two of this series and can only imagine that as he works on book three, his gained experience and reader feed back will only prove to help him produce an even better piece of work. I look forward to reading it.