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Supernova: 1 (The Commons)

Supernova - Jessica Marting Supernova by Jessica Marting

3.5 Stars

Supernova is a Sci-fi read with a great plot. Our MC Lily went to work expecting a normal day at the office but instead she witnessed her boss going psycho on his latest client and she ended up 850 years in the future, in the middle of major interplanetary unrest.

The concept was definitely interesting and had me wondering and guessing what was going to happen to Lily. What did they want with her? Would she want to stay in the future or would she want to find a way back to her original time? I found her reactions to the new technology realistic, we live in a time that has made us open to new ideas and the fact that anything is possible, so to find that physically we can be fixed without surgery and have no need to suffer pain is a believable notion…oh how I wish we had it now, I’d stay in the future if only for that!

Though not my first choice of genre I have begun to enjoy this type of escapism, and Jessica Marting’s contribution has helped to pique my curiosity into reading more Sci-fi books. I did not feel overwhelmed by nerdy scientific expressions or feel frustrated by long unpronounceable words, which is one of the reasons I have steered clear of Sci-fi in the past, so either there were none in this book or I am less dumb than I used to be hahaha.

For someone who wants to read a thriller/intrigue with a touch of romance, that happens to be set in the future and in space then this is a great choice but I think it would be less appealing to die hard sci-fi enthusiasts…. I may of course be wrong!

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