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Hot as Sin: A Novel

Hot as Sin: A Novel - Bella Andre Hot as Sin by Bella Andre

3 Stars

I loved the rekindled romance of this story, the fact that Sam and Dianna found each other again after ten years hit the mark on the ‘melt-your-heart meter’…. But… I didn’t like the fact that April was kidnapped and just a day or so after a major car accident Sam was irresponsible enough to take Dianna on a cross country trek, with white water rafting and mountain climbing thrown in. She clearly didn’t partake in such adventures normally, so to do something so physically demanding when injured was not really what I would expect from sensible adults, particularly a hot shot!

The touching scenes between the pair were very well written and the emotion jumped off the page, unfortunately the suspense side of the plot let the book down because it lacked in depth and believability.