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The Trajectory of Dreams

The Trajectory of Dreams - Nicole Wolverton

Oh my goodness this is a real mind boggling book…am I sane? I don’t know anymore, I do seem to live in my head quite a bit, or do I? Is this reality? Wow I’m confused!! This book had my head in a spin. A warning for readers, don’t let anything distract you while you read or you will totally lose the plot…literally!!

‘The Trajectory of Dreams’ probably has one of the most complicated/intricate plots I have read of late. It demanded my full attention and did not let up. I had to use all of my concentration to follow its interwoven/tangled storyline. Psychological thrillers are not my chosen genre so I don’t read many of them, this may be the reason I didn’t predict any of the twists and was completely baffled right up to the end…and beyond if I’m honest!

The characters are well developed, especially our MC, Lela. She has so many layers from seemingly ‘normal’, to complete, so called ‘insanity’ that Nicole Wolverton must be a genius to keep all the info straight in her head and put it on paper in such a legible manner. I am in awe of this work and am amazed at the complexity of it. I’m sure this story will keep the cogs of my brain turning for a while yet.

ARC supplied for review