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Walk Away with Me (A Loving Nature Novella)

Walk Away with Me - Darby Davenport

A man, a woman and an unruly dog, what more do we need to create the perfect setting for a romance? When Charlie saw those sad eyes on TV she couldn’t resist saving the poor rottweiler, Rugby, from certain death, but she didn’t bargain on him being such a handful! Quiet sedate golden retriever, Tuck, seemed like the perfect playmate on their trip to the park, but his owner Ethan just saw Rugby as an out of control brute. A few harsh words to the apologetic owner ended with Ethan offering to help train Rugby, but how long could he keep up those walls around himself while spending so much time with the beautiful Charlie?

Walk Away with Me didn’t have a unique story line, but was written nicely with the right amount of angst, lust, love and romance for a quick read. The inclusion of dogs is bound to win points with all animal lovers especially as Charlie saved Rugby from being ‘sent to heaven’.

This was a lovely, totally predictable romance story, with the added cuteness of furry friends. It is the first book I have read by Darby Davenport, I found it a satisfying read, and would recommend it to all romance lovers.

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