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Gravely Inanimated: A Tale of Woe and Romance (Zombiepunk Series)

Gravely Inanimated - Esther Wheelmaker 5 Stars

Zombies have been around since long before Lucy was born so she knows only too well the dangers of being out after dark. One night she stupidly forgets the time and has to walk home alone, drawing the attention of a group of the undead. Luckily for her, Aeron, a masked man intent on ridding London of these deadly creatures, finds her just in time and rescues her. Lucy is at first angry with the man but once she finds out his true identity she isn’t sure how she feels about him.

I have only read a handful of zombie stories before and none of them were like this. Usually we are bombarded with lots of military information, people on the run, life as we know it is no more and the whole book is filled with stress and none stop violence……..Not so here…..Zombies came to London as a result of a Voodoo Queen, but life goes on as normal during the day, it is only after night fall that one has to be extra careful. People have lived like this for 30 years, and while life is different, it is not a case of the Zombies taking over by infecting everyone.

To be honest I think this is the first Zombie book I have really enjoyed, it pulled me in right from the start and I had to know what happened next. There were some unexpected and sad twists that kept me guessing all the way to the end. I would recommend this book, even to readers who are usually put off Zombie books because this one is different.

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