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Power: The Descendant Trilogy: 1

Power - Theresa M. Jones Power: The Descendant Trilogy (Volume 1) by Theresa M Jones

4 Stars

As her 21st birthday arrives, Alison finds out she is one of the descendants, someone born with the power of the angels to help balance the good and the evil in the world. It is believed by some that Alison is the most powerful, descending from not one but all nine of the Primitus and as such will be able to conquer the most powerful evil.

I was immediately drawn into this story from the very first page. Initially I was curious about Alison and her relationship with Alex. The fact that they had been dating for years and had a five-year-old daughter, yet still hadn’t married or completely committed to each other gave me the impression that there was more behind it. But as the story continued I began to think Alex was a bit of a spare part where the plot was concerned, and felt I unsure of his place in the story or if he needed to be in it at all. Once Alison fully understood why Rick had returned to her life after so long, and decided to go with him I kind of forgot about Alex unless he was mentioned, he seemed like a pointless character really.

Mainly following Alison’s training and her new feelings for David, ‘Power’ is a great opening instalment to the Descendant trilogy. We are given a lot of information and I was able to follow the story easily. There were a couple of characters who I feel we don’t know fully yet, and hope that in the following books we will learn more about both David and Samantha. I am sure the little girl has more to her than we have initially seen.

Theresa’s story telling ability is plain to see, though I did feel there were some unnecessary things in there that added to word count but not to the story, she clearly has some interesting ideas for this angel/demon trilogy that are new and fresh to me. I enjoyed the read and will happily continue the series.

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