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Hope: The Descendant Trilogy: 2

Hope - Theresa M. Jones
Hope: the Descendants trilogy (Volume 2) by Theresa M Jones

3 Stars

After a quick recap of book one, Hope continues where Power left off. David and Allison’s relationship has developed nicely, engaged they are now planning their wedding. Samantha is approaching her sixth birthday and will come into her powers soon, and the new leader of the Risings has her own problem to deal with.

I did feel that some scenes were unnecessarily long winded, making it difficult to hold my attention. The love between David and Allison was particularly repetitive with a lot of time spent on their relationship slowing the pace, and little attention was paid to the exciting confrontational scenes between the Order and the Risings. I was hoping that book 2 would bring with it more about David, but I still don’t feel like I know him as well as I should by now, considering his importance in the plot.

I feel the series has lost some of its uniqueness, this instalment felt predictable and I was a little disappointed with that, I wanted to be shocked and surprised, but I wasn’t. The story itself was easy to follow. The sequence of events flowed without any wondering why, each action was explained as it happened leaving no room for growing suspense or building tension.

Despite my issues this series still has a lot going for it. The overall idea is interesting and without all the waffle and the gaps in the character development this could be a fantastic series.

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