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Morrigan - Laura DeLuca Morrigan by Laura DeLuca

3 Stars

Morrigan is a fantasy story that follows the pattern of the genre…a teenage girl finding out she was born with powers, going on a journey with the help of a male, and together they have to defeat the evil, that she is in some way, related to.

I found the book very longwinded and though overall I enjoyed the read, I did feel really disappointed with certain aspects of it. The relationship between Morrigan and Tiarn was rushed and lacked emotion. There was no build up to it, no feeling with it, it just, was, and for me that ruined the story. I wanted, well needed more to make the connection believable, as it stands it doesn’t ring true nor does it feel credible.

I did enjoy the interaction between Morrigan and her family. It made a nice change for me to be kept wondering how things were going to turn out, I suppose it was slightly predictable but not entirely so that in itself got my attention and kept me hooked.

The Kindle version I was given for review had a number of mistakes and I think this book could only be improved with another read through and a few tweaks here and there.

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