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The Wanted Bride

The Wanted Bride - Sylvia McDaniel

When things went wrong, on what should have been Valerie’s happiest day, she ran for the hills, well got on a bus to a small town in Colorado. But before she boarded she left her cheating, lawyer fiancé a parting gift. Setting fire to his beloved Corvette may not have been the wisest decision she ever made and now she was not only on the run from her fiancé, and her father but the police as well. Valerie finds herself stuck in a small town and discovers her purse with all her cash and credit cards has been stolen. With no money and nowhere to go Valerie is forced to work for a living – for the first time ever.

Valerie is a lively character, who has spent her life being the pampered rich kid of a famous lawyer. She agreed to marry Carter to please her father even though she didn’t really love him. Getting away from it all was the perfect opportunity for Valerie to find out who she is, but the last thing she wanted or expected was to meet another lawyer and fall in love with him.

Matt was really unsure of the stranger in town, he didn’t trust her and wasn’t happy that she was lodging with his sister. Thanks to his parent’s relationship, that was based on lies, he vowed never to get involved with anyone who wasn’t 100% honest, and Valerie with her fake surname and secret past was not exactly the ideal candidate.

The Wanted Bride is a contemporary romance. It’s a fun and quick read with humour and romance in equal parts, one I will surely read again.

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