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The Slave Factory

The Slave Factory - I.M. Telling The Slave Factory by I.M.Telling

3 Stars

Quite an unusual story about a group of people who are watched for a number of years and once they seem to fit the bill they are invited for an interview, and ultimately to train to become sex slaves sold to the highest bidder at auction. The group we follow are quite varied, male, female, gay, straight, and even a couple are amongst them. Once in training they are taught everything from personal hygiene to table etiquette along side very specific fetish techniques and BDSM.

Personally I found the first 25-30% really slow going, not that much happened and I found it difficult to keep myself engaged in the story. It was all about meeting the people and setting the scene, an important part of the story yes, but too long winded and not written in a very entertaining way. As the story progressed and the group slipped into their training I still found it difficult to connect with the characters. The whole book was sadly lacking in emotion and feeling, which for me as a reader is extremely important.

I was put off by the numerous typos and missing or misused words as well as the very mechanical way the sex acts were written. Obviously the writer has knowledge of the BDSM scene but I felt the technical way it was written made the book feel more like a manual and less like a novel. I really wanted, well needed more passion to allow me to fall into this world and it just didn’t happen for me.

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