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My Haunting Love

My Haunting Love - J. S. Wilsoncroft My Haunting Love by J. S. Wilsoncroft

4 Stars

I love Jamie’s work, she has a romantic heart and I’m a sucker for romance. ‘My Haunting Love’ is a YA romance with a twist, our MC Calista is a sixteen year old deaf girl and her love interest is a ghost. When Calista and her family move into a new area, she is angry and frustrated at having to leave her old life and friends. It is hard for her losing the security of a school for the deaf and a neighbourhood that knows her. One afternoon while she is home alone and painting her new bedroom, she meets John, a previous occupant of her house, the first of a few unusual things that start to happen.

It makes an interesting change to have an imperfect character. The fact that Calista is deaf is what I really like about this book, her disability is a constant throughout the story complete with all the difficulties that go along with it. I really enjoyed the light hearted side too, the interaction between Calista and her brother Mike was so typical and natural it added a good feeling.

With a romance surrounded in mystery and suspense this is a well written entertaining story and would be a good addition to any paranormal romance lovers bookshelf.

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