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Malavita: Blood and Honor, Prequel

Malavita - Dana Delamar

4.5 Stars

Malavita is the prequel to the ‘Blood and Honor’ Series and Follows Enrico’s early life from the death of his mother and brothers, to his marriage to Antonella Andretti. It was interesting to have the background to this story in such detail. We were told certain things in Revenge (book 1) and Retribution (book 2) but we were only given the out line information that we needed to understand those books. We now get to taste Enrico’s pain first hand and can fully understand his need for revenge, and his hatred for the Andretti’s. The day his family were killed, his life changed forever, he was forced to join the family business, which he never wanted, and his union with Antonella was decided for him.

Personally I would have liked to have seen more of Enrico’s time with Veronica; Nico’s Mother. It would have been nice to actually see how they were with each other, if they were truly in love etc. I felt sorry for him having to leave his son but had no emotion where Veronica was concerned because I didn’t manage to connect with her or feel for her in any way. Meeting Enrico as a young man allowed me to see him as a more rounded character. My image of him in ‘Revenge’ when Kate went to him for help was totally different to the one I have of him now and it has made me want to re-read the other books with this new, somehow tougher Enrico in my head.

I just love Dana’s writing, the plot is very well thought out, fast paced and full of action, and as I’ve said before with her work, every word is relevant. The story has everything, romance, revenge, ‘blood’, ‘honor’, suspense, action, you name it this book covers it. Dana Delamar is definitely an author to watch.

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