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The Brown House: The Visitors Series (Volume 1)

The Brown House - Christy Sloat 3.5 Stars

When her father gets a new job, Brylee is forced to leave her home in California and start a fresh life in a New Jersey. The house the family move into is nothing like the one back home, it has a strange layout and an empty kitchen, both Brylee and her mum have to work hard to adapt to the new living conditions, and the fact that the whole town have something to say about their house doesn’t make it any easier. It isn’t long before Brylee starts to encounter the strangeness first hand, banging doors lights coming on in an empty locked room and a chair rocking by itself to mention just a few of the weird things going on...

The Brown house is a simply written drama about a haunted house. Our MC Brylee is your typical California babe, blonde hair great body and beautiful face, but she doesn’t share the normal ‘I’m better than you’ attitude that we usually attribute to the stereotype. While I was impressed by the message about everyone being equal and bullies being bad, this fact being reinforced throughout the book, did become tiresome with it’s over use.

I have mixed feelings regarding Christy’s writing style, some sections were really well written, it flowed well and was quite easy to visualise the scene, where in other parts I felt like everything was being told to me and it wasn’t quite as smooth. Overall the story was okay, it was easy to follow, though we are left with many questions, and it doesn’t feel finished. Personally I didn’t find it scary, but I was intrigued and curious enough to keep reading.

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