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Maven: (The Endure Series, Book 1) (Volume 1)

Master Drawings by John Ruskin - Paul H. Walton Maven (The Endure Series#1) by Starla Huchton

3 Stars

Lydia, a young genius and Nobel prize winner by the age of 21, landed her dream job on the government undersea research facility ‘Endure’. From being quite young she really couldn’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else and worked tirelessly on her studies to reach her goal. Having the chance to work with some of the best scientists and computer tech’s, especially Daniel, the captain’s son, was what enticed her the most. Daniel, spoilt and bratty, enjoyed his work on Endure but had become a little complacent, by employing Lydia his father hopes that her enthusiasm will rub off on his son and give him something more to focus on than women!

Categorised as a ‘Sci-fi’ I was expecting a little more space age, but was pleasantly surprised, when, although it had a ‘sciencey’ feel to the book, it didn’t have that over my head geek talk that I sometimes find off putting. Maven is definitely more humanised and deals with emotions and people that feel real… uber intelligent but still real, unlike a lot of what I call ‘hard core’ Sci-fi works.

Quite a quick read, I think I completed in one sitting of around 2 hours. Oddly enough I felt like I’d lost half the book it ended so suddenly and unexpectedly, but nope when I looked at my % counter it was at 100%. Luckily I have book 2 Nemesis waiting for me to read next so the abrupt/cliffhanger ending isn’t so annoying for me!

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