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The Man Without Rules: 1

The Man Without Rules - Tyffani Clark Kemp 4.5 Stars

Ok. Sebastian Boa is everything a woman wants. He’s supermodel hot looking with a body to die for, and he is just the right side of edgy in the bedroom department to not make you worried about rolling your eyes… and of course he is rich! So what’s not to like right?? Well for me, one thing that bugged me was he played the piano. Now yes I’m like a large percentage of women out there who get hot under the collar over a man who can appreciate music and more importantly play an instrument, and lets face it the piano has to be the hottest one around…. he’s so dextrous the possibilities are endless!!!………but, it’s just so Christian Grey. I know, I know one can’t forever harp on about the similarities between two books, and this genre was around a long time before Fifty came along, so STOP COMPARING ALREADY! But I can’t help it. Fifty was my first walk on the wild side and when I read content that is the same, I can’t help but be frustrated by the similarities. The brooding male, the psycho ex, the man that EVERY woman wants….It’s predictable………but hey I still found myself glued to the pages and loved it!

Mariss, she was okay, not really that much to like about her, she was a loose cannon and her behaviour was sometimes questionable. Did she deserve the attention and heart of someone like Sebastian? I think not! She was a married woman for goodness sake, she had no business stealing his heart, leave him for the single ladies out there why don’t ya!

The Man Without Rules is definitely one for your bookshelf if you enjoy authors like E.L James, Sylvia Day and Shayla Black etc. The story is interesting and the characters are great with enough about them to keep me staying up late turning the pages, and ultimately feeling quite sad when I reached the end.

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